1. Taxes are included in the price;
All local taxes and o VAT are included in the final price without any additional charges.

2. Can I add another person as a guide? If so, how?
The vehicle you will be renting will have to be driven by the person you have stated.
Additional drivers must be present with their diploma, so
to sign the rental agreement.

3. What documents should I have with me at the rental office to pick up the car?
The driving license.
Identity or Passport
Credit card in the name of the driver with sufficient balance.
If there is an additional driver, you must be present at the office
rental with his own diploma.

4. What should I do in the event of an accident?
In the event of an accident, call us on the 24-hour hotline that is written
in the rental contract and we will guide you throughout the process.
If you can not communicate with us (bad network connection etc.), call the international one
112 or 100 for the Greek police.

5. Can I extend the rental period?
Of course – you can extend the rental period of efoson mas eidopoihsete
ena 24ww nwritera ths likseis ths prwths misthwseis

6. What if I want to get the car from one place and return it to another?

Possible. However, it must be agreed before renting. You can either
use the form or contact us directly on our email.

7. What happens if the car is damaged?
All our vehicles include 24-hour road assistance
and replacement of your vehicle
Just contact us by phone and we will change the vehicle to your place.

8. What if I want to rent a car for a long time?
Long-term rental is considered renting for more than 17 days.
In this case, please contact us directly by e-mail
or by phone and you will have an offer for the car you are interested in.