Minimum driver age: 23 years, maximum 75 years.
It is possible and rented for 18 years after agreement with the company.

Driver’s license The Driver is required to have a valid driving license for at least 12 months.
Driving licenses not in Latin characters or outside the EU require an international license.

Minimum Rental – One Day (24 hours).

Fuel petrol
The renter has to return the car to the same level of fuel at the beginning of the rental if on return it has more money is not refunded

Fines Calls and subsequent administrative penalties arising from traffic offenses during the rental period are borne by the tenant.

Delivery pick-up
Free delivery and pickup for hotels in saint marina, platania, gerani, stall, malem, and chani city. Suburban (0.40) euro per kilometer
Nights and after hours (21:00 -08: 00) 15 euro billing

Rent here – Go back there
All cars are available for rentals with a different tradition – return to the entire island of Crete.
The precondition is the agreement and confirmation before the rental.

GPS Navigation System
The GPS navigation system is only available if you have booked via the Internet.
The cost of the GPS is 4 € per day and the total amount does not exceed 30 €.
Liability of the renter in case of loss or destruction of GPS is 100 €.